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Fall of 2007 - I am finally getting around to updating my website! It has been a long time in coming! As you browse my website, take a look at the date at the bottom of each page. That will tell you whether or not that particular page has been updated recently. If it says somewhere from August or later in 2007, then the page has been updated, even if only to ensure that all links are working. I am removing any links that no longer work, and will replace them with new ones. I am also adding some new photos and updated information!

I'm mom to Alexander, who is all grown up now (man am I feeling old!), has known it all for many years! You can visit his universe by clicking on the Calvin button. His nickname on the local BBSes we used to frequent was Calvin, because he was a skinny little blond boy who never stops getting into mischief! I'm very proud of my son, as he is very intelligent, and such a good man! I have updated his website (as of October 28th, 2007) and am working to add even more to it. Please visit!

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animation showing how to play the logic game called SherlockI have a variety of hobbies and interests, which include computers, reading, crafts, beading, sword fighting, Renaissance Faires, movies and rollerblading. I love to play games of all kinds, including board games, cards, logic puzzles and mind stretching games. Two of my very favorite logic problem games for the computer were created by Everett Kaser. He has about a dozen games that require you to use your brain - check them out! My son and I love Honeycomb Hotel and Descartes Enigma, as well as Sherlock and Moriarty. Here is an animation of Sherlock, the first game I ever played of Everett's.

I also love Kris Pixton's games. I have all of them, though PrismaPix is my favorite. I also love PathPix, MixAPix and PairABox

I also love Jones Soda and Juices. Especially the juice flavors. My two favorites are Bada Bing and Limes With Orange. Try them out!

I love the Sci Fi show Farscape. A good friend of mine turned me onto this show, which unfortunately was cancelled! There are still some great websites for Farscape that you can visit! I hope to build a page myself when I get the time, but meanwhile, check these out. Get hooked on Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, Ka D'Argo, Aeryn Sun, John Crichton, Dominar Rygel, Moya and Chiana. It's a fantastic cast, and you won't be disappointed. The show may not currently be airing, but there are some Farscape specials in the works!

BBCEscape to Farscape
Farscape.comFantastic Farscape Pins
Farscape Fantasy.comFarscape World.com
Fan Page

My nickname is Skye, which I've used so much since the days of local BBSing, that it almost feels like my real name. I originally chose it because of the years I spent skydiving, but it fits me in so many other ways, too. One way is because of my love of parrots, and yet another is because of my Scottish heritage. Ok, I'm far from a fullblooded Scot, but it's the part of my heritage that has always had my fascination! :)

scared face button I am an avid reader. I can never get enough time to read as many books as I would like. It is a rare day that I don't squeeze in some reading time, however! I often miss sleep to do so! My two favorite authors are Danielle Steel and Stephen King. Quite a strange combination, huh? The scared face takes you to a Stephen King site. To read more about Danielle Steel, click on the book. I also enjoy Patricia Cornwell, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, Iris Johansen, Nicholas Sparks, Michael Crichton, and many more! I live to read! I don't think I could live without reading! book button

I used to get the Bizarro cartoons in my email box every day. Here is a great Stephen King one!

Have you ever been to Nebraska? It's the State I have lived most of my life. Here are a few great links to do a virtual visit!
Genuine Nebraska
NebraskaLand Magazine
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
Henry Doorly Zoo

Click for Omaha, Nebraska Forecast

Visit my Christmas page! It is one of the smaller pages on my site, but some day.... .

Birthstone Banner for September

The Charmed Ones club is no longer alive, but I still have my charm page, and all the charms I was given, as well as all those I created, to share with you. If you have any to share, please email me to trade!
Jeweled dragonfly with the message I am a Charmed One

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The Madhouse Zoo

animated pooping parrot I currently share my home with six wonderful parrots and small birds. Most of my beautiful, feathered darlings has their very own Picture Page. To hear all about Mohawk, Simon, Abby, Spice and Peli, click on the parrot! One of these days I hope to create new pages for my Budgies as well as our beloved birds who are no longer with us, such as our canary, Soprano!

The dearest love of my life is my Tibetan Terrier, Rachel. She's been with me through thick and thin, and is very special to me. She is no longer with me, but my love for her is limitless, and I will never forget her! Press the dog paw to visit her pages! On her site you will also see my childhood pals, Chipper and Skippy. pawprint button

rooster photobuttonPast zoo members have included a sweet teddy bear hamster named Chip, who sadly died of old age, Painted Lady butterflies, and a rooster called Chanticleer that we raised one spring from a baby chick. These past Madhouse members have their own picture page which you can view by clicking on the little rooster picture. Other past zoo members were our leopard frogs. See Alexander's page for more information, and great related links!

Oh, hey, we can't forget my Pet Rock! pet

I've always wanted a bonsai tree, so I've adopted this one!
bonsai tree

The Madhouse now has a large selection of awards for your site. Do you think your site deserves an award? If so, please check out our awards!
Madhouse Mad award

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Check out my Computer Jokes pages!Happy Face

Check out my fun little quiz!

My pen pal of more than 40 years has her own website:
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Visit my Gift page and see the lovely things my friends have sent me.

I found this cute cartoon on the net. I went to Kansas City for a weekend vacation a few years ago, and brought home this cute souvenir, much like the one in the cartoon!

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These are a few of my favorite things!
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Most of the images above are clickable links, so check them out!
If you don't, you'll miss some fantastic pages of not only mine but some others created.

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In view of the Attack on America that occurred in New York and Washington, D.C.
on September 11th, 2001, we are displaying our nations flag in tribute
to all the families affected by this tragedy.

American Flag with God Bless America at the bottom

Our thoughts and hearts are with you.

I am expanding this to an entire page. Please take the time to visit.

Also you can visit my Patriotic Pages.

Please don't miss my pages to Honor American Veterans!

Thank you to my dear friend, Jamie, for the American Flag graphic.

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I no longer have a guestbook on my site. I got tired of them not working, not being able to even log into them without a hassle to view my entries, or having to convert to new coding all the time. Strangely enough, I rarely lost my entries, like many people complain of with their guestbooks. But, it just wasn't worth the hassle. Please fill out my survey, and your "guestbook" entry will come straight into my email box. I always reply to everyone who takes the time to fill it out!

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