Ralston Emergency Response Dive Team


We are a specialized response team that assists neighboring agencies with water related events.

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  • Omaha Fire Department
  • Omaha Police Department
  • US Secret Service
  • DNR & ATF
  • Douglas County Sheriff
  • US Coast Guard
  • Nebraska State Patrol
  • US Fish and Wildlife
As well as several additional city, county, police and fire agencies.

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Services We Can Provide:

Assist with: In-water and under water rescue and recoveries.
Evidence recovery and preservation.
Ice rescue and recoveries.
Safety divers for boat races and other water events
Assist agencies on preparedness for water operations.

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Available Resources

Divers with environmentally protective gear.
Underwater communications.
2 hard bottom boats.
Inflatable boat and ice bridge.
Underwater camera and metal detector upon request.

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As soon as you know or suspect you have an in water incident.
Put us enroute and cancel us if you find that we are not needed.
The faster we get dispatched, the better chance we have of getting to the victim within the "Golden Hour".
The water temperature is usually less than the outside temperature, and will help support life longer.

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What We Need From YOU

Detailed directions to the incident.
Equipment is dispatched from Ralston.
Divers respond from their current locations.
Guide markers (cones, police, etc) would be helpful.
Let us know if a boat is needed, where we can launcy, and where command is set up.
Important information: Last seen point and how long since last seen.
Interview eye witnesses individually.
Accurate information will help us locate the person or evidence faster.
We request a local squad for safety or transport.

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For emergency operations, contact Douglas County Dispatch at 9 1 1 or (402) 444-5706.

For recovery or event operations, contact the Ralston Fire Department at (402) 331-5369,
the Ralston Fire Chief or Douglas County Dispatch.
We are dispatched on the south channel through Douglas County.

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