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Hello and welcome to my Web Design service!
I enjoyed making my own pages so much that I decided to branch out and do them for other people, too.
I started making them for my friends, and am now doing it for anyone.
Feel free to write to me and discuss your wants and needs in a website with me!
It can be as little as redoing your existing page(s) or as much as building you a whole site from scratch.
If you click on my logo at the bottom of the page, you can easily email me.

Here are the pages I have designed so far. Some of them are full websites, others are just in their infancy, some may be a little out of date. I have removed those pages that are no longer in service.

The Madhouse! My first and main website featuring my family and interests.
Skye's Passions This site is my second website. Skydiving, computer jokes, Patriot pages, Castles and more!
Alexander's Universe My son's pages showing his interests and land of his birth, including our new Kung Fu pages!
The Whalen Flock Visit the pages of the 9 wonderful Whalen parrots.
Cheryl & Bruce's Page Celtic History, Tookie the cockatiel, Celtic interests, poetry and geneology.
My Wacky Webpage! My Wacky World! - cute page but has not been updated lately!
Pat's Country Home Visit Pat's lovely country home, and her parrot pets!
Pat and I no longer are in contact, but the site is still up!
Safe Haven Safe Haven is a Nebraska based parrot rescue organization.
Ralston Emergency Response Diveteam Informational page of the Ralston Diveteam. Services provided and how to call.
Home Grown JigsawsOrder your own personalized photo jigsaw puzzles at this family owned business that belongs to a good friend!

If I design a website for you, it must carry my logo with a link to this page, on all pages that I design. If I just overhaul the page some, then I'll only require my logo on one centrally located page, with information to that effect. I have a smaller version of my logo on the Graphics page for your use on pages that I didn't totally design.

Now, check out my newest endeavor!
Graphic Design

Now I have two logos for you to choose from. Isn't this animated one neat?

animated Skye's the Limit Web Design Logo

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