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Hi, I'm Skye! I chose that for my "handle" a few years ago on the local BBSes I used to frequent because I used to skydive. Now it fits because of my interest in birds! I currently have 9 parrots and two small birds. I caught the bird fever in April of 1995 when I received a cockatiel for Easter. I got caught up in the Internet bird newsgroups and mailing lists, and the fever (and my flock) grew and grew! See me years ago with my very first parrot experience!

Parrots are fantastic creatures to share your home. I don't consider my animals to be simply pets - they are very much a part of my family. Parrots are some of the most intelligent pets you can have. I have learned so much about them just from living with them. However, I have also done a lot of "homework" since I got my first bird, to be sure that I could care for them properly. I admit that I knew nothing about about birds, before I received Mohawk, but I also brought home a book about cockatiels at the same time, and immediately joined the internet mailing list Exotic-L. I've been on many of the parrot mailing lists, and have a few books about each one of my types of birds. No animal should be purchased on a "whim". Always try to find out as much as you can about the type of pet you want to buy before you buy it!

As you read through my parrot pages, you will find some information about keeping birds, and some great links to learn much more. Parrots can be so much fun to live with, but be forewarned that they take a lot of work, too. There are cages to be kept clean, good food to be fed to them, vet bills, toys to buy, messes to clean, and more. If you're going to have a parrot in your life, I suggest having a good vacuum, too. :) Now, have fun browsing through my parrot pages!

mohawk buttonMohawk is a small bird, but his attitude is mighty! He is afraid of nothing and no one. He was the most beautiful pearled baby cockatiel I have seen to date. He was hatched in February of 1995. Now he is a normal gray, if you can call my little darling normal! He has the best vocabulary of all my birds. He learned the wolf whistle, and the "come here" whistle shortly after we got him. When Simon joined our household a couple of months later, he quickly learned all the whistles and words that he heard coming from the basement playroom (where Simon was quarantined). He whistles the Andy Griffith tune, Charge!, the Twilight Zone, the first four notes of Beethoven, and his newest tune is from the Search for Dr. Seuss video called Oh, the Places You'll Go. He also says Pretty bird, Mohawk is a pretty bird, Mohawk is a bird, Hi Mohawk, Pretty Mohawk and Hi Momma. Oh, and he also uses the whistle that I use to call my dog in! He loves to sit on my finger, near my mouth, and listen to what I am trying to teach him. He will try to climb inside my mouth sometimes, he listens so hard! When he tickles me, I giggle, and he has copied that. I often think he does the giggle just to make ME do it! Yes, I am VERY proud of my little guy! Click his little picture button to see a full page of pictures of him!

simon buttonThe next bird to join my flock was Simon, my Mexican Redheaded Amazon, in June of 1995, at 3 1/2 years old. Also known as a Green Cheeked Amazon, but I like MRHA better! He is 9 years old now. Simon is my toybaby. He plays and plays with his toys. He is given the run of his cage and cagetop playpen all day, and he freely climbs up and down at will. He also loves to play on the spiral perch that hangs over his playpen. Simon doesn't have a lot of language, but what he has, he uses quite well to get my attention. I never knew Pretty Bird could mean so many things! Simon loves to go in the shower with me. He really gets into it. He brings so much joy to my life! You'll enjoy seeing my Pretty Boy!

abby buttonThen came Abby, my 16 year old Umbrella Cockatoo. I got her for my birthday in September of 1995, at age 7. She is a real sweetheart. She loves to be snuggled (like that is a surprise to anyone who knows cockatoos!), and can be really hilarious to watch when she gets excited. She's not much of a screamer or a chewer, though she occasionally indulges in both. I've managed to get her off her seed diet onto Avi-cakes, some pellets (which she eats when she gets tired of flinging them!), and a very few items of fruits and veggies. Go see my lovely girl, and read a little more about Cockatoos!!

spice buttonSpice, my Cinnamon Lutino cockatiel was the next one to join our family. She is absolutely beautiful. She has a sunshine yellow head and crest that takes your breath away. Pictures don't do her justice! Spice joined our home on March 29th, 1997. I wandered into the same pet store that Mohawk came from, and there she was. She was attentive to me from the moment I walked up to her cage. She hopped right on my finger, though was hesitant to come out of her cage. Once out, though, she wormed her way straight into my heart. Spice has a toe on one of her feet that curls up the wrong way. The pet store people had no idea. The owner was very callous about it when I pointed it out to him. I decided that she had to come home with me, and had a name picked out for her before we even got to the checkout. She is really a beauty. Her front is mostly a real pale yellow and her back is a light tannish-grey. Her tail is a beautiful light yellow on top, and on the underside sort of marbled with grey. Where her wings fold against her body, she has a strip that is mostly a very pale yellow, with some white. Don't miss seeing this little beauty!

Peli buttonShortly after Spice came the next addition to my flock, Pelirojo, or Peli for short. Peli arrived in my home on April 27th, 1997, at almost 2 months of age. Peli is a Mexican Red Headed Amazon like Simon. I had a choice of 4 darling babies to choose from, and Peli was the most active, bright eyed and beautiful. I chose Peli's name by looking in a Spanish dictionary for the word red, and found Pelirojo, which means redheaded. Perfect! This is something very new to me, raising a parrot from a baby. Quite different from getting a cockatiel at the same age! This will be an exciting journey, to raise Peli. I've enjoyed living with Simon so much that I knew, eventually, I'd get another MRHA. So, now, here's Peli!

skyler buttonLast and littlest, but certainly not the least, is my newest little darling, Skyler! Skyler arrived in our home on June 3rd, 1999, a two month old, budgie that looks just like fluffy white clouds in a blue sky. Little Skyler was exactly the budgie I have been looking for, and I had to have him. He is so striking! Skyler is already adjusting to his new home, and cage. On Skyler's second full day with us, he stepped up for my son without a chase around the cage first. He's already playing on his swing. We're really thrilled with the new little addition to our family. Note: Our precious little Skyler is no longer with us. His page is still here, so don't miss seeing the photos of him, and help us to keep his memory alive.

Hopefully I will soon have a page up showing off the canary, Soprano, and our zebra finches, Beepers and BabyBeep. Ok, we didn't have any great show of imagination here, but we love them just the same! They all joined our household in the fall of 2000.

In March of 2002, we adopted a whole flock of budgies from some good friends of ours! We call them The Budgie Bunch. You will meet Doodles, A.Z., Skye, Phoenix, and Shadow.

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