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Zoom in on any of the pictures on the revolving cube by clicking on them. Be careful, though as a double click will take you back to my main page! You can make the cube turn different ways by moving the mouse to a different area of the picture. After zooming in on a pic, click once more for the cube to start rotating again. These are all pictures of me either in karate class, or at home practicing. The pictures are:

My Mom joined my karate school in October and soon after, we arranged to be in the same class. Maybe she'll put pictures of herself up on here sometime, too.

One of the first things I learned in karate was the Student Creed and the Principles of Black Belt. Also on this page you'll find our belt ranking system, with links to our pages of requirements to earn each belt, and when we each earned ours!.

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A gift from some internet friends!
Happy Iron Dragon Year (2000) from Hans and Thomas

Ok, here are some of the promised photos, in a snazzy new album!

Stay tuned for more updates. More photographs to come soon!

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